Thursday, April 15, 2021

Lucid Dreams = Psychotic States


   To talk about the experience of Psychosis and the Psychotic states we get induced is something unique which can be best understood only when we experience it ourselves . Its not best to make others understand it by just describing it . 

The condition is like a dream but being in a wake full state . Lucid Dreams are the dreams which we feel and remember clearly, while we dream and also when we get awaken . Even though such dreams are initiated from the unconscious , we somehow are able to consciously be aware of  it . we are semiconscious while having this dream . The psychotic states are similar to dreaming , but we are awake to see the stream of thoughts come and evolve in to the conscious state . it feels so real yet its from the unconscious. we are aware that we are semi conscious state yet we cant ignore . the dilemma is more difficult to avoid . sometimes this is threatening causing extreme distress to the experiencee.  

Once when are used to such noetic experiences constantly we adapt and get better. there is something more to our understanding about our consciousness than that can be proved scientifically . being mindfull of such noetic experiences and just allowing the ecstacy to unwind rather than answering , reasoning , reacting will be of great help to handle psychotic states. just let the dream unwind by just being a spectator. this is bliss not distress if you are under control . this is a common human phenomenon which in ununderstood not something to be diagnosed as a disorder in my opinion