Thursday, July 27, 2023

OSHO - "Experience the Listener"


Hello Friends ,

The above video is a famous OSHO video which i think has verbalized a powerful message. I had  attempted to experience "Silence " also attempted to "Listen more" rather than "Speak more". when listening there is always a urge to involve the intellect , apply logic and curate meaning out of the arising sensual and cognitive transactions. This intellectual listening did not allow the experience i was really needing ie the experience of true silence and calmness.

when OSHO in the video stated " it does not matter what i say " - i felt i got able to verbalize this experience of blissful listening. Read below-

It does not matter what the other is saying , what transactions our senses get , when we are with our listener self , when we experience our listener, The joy of experiencing this listener within us is bigger. It  leads to the calmness and unity we seek . The intellectual movie may run around , may lead, intuit even deeper expressions , but the urge to express the needless is greatly reduced for me . iam able to maintain in silence .This phenomena of experiencing the (listening self ) listener within you is a great way to enhance perception and reduce needless expression ,in other words : listen more than speak more. watch the video and do try it !feel your listener. Be with your listener.


Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Sri Aurobindo`s " PSYCHICISATION "


                When it comes to understanding psychological disturbances , our modern psychology tries explaining thoughts , emotions , feelings and even chemistry to reverse these disturbances. If we explore, what is that the ancient eastern wisdom has to give at all to explain the psychological framework, i feel the modern science can take into its consideration a whole new dimension of mental variables explained systematically in the eastern ancient works , in to its mainstream research in understanding a functioning life. 

I have been following Sadhguru who succeeds bringing the ancient yogic wisdom to everyone`s experience Pragmatically , Rationally or whatnot with a modern touch. The idea of mind , body and energy being in harmony and having the balance to live fully aware and fully consciously and take life with complete joy seems to answer a lot of my questions and theories with regards to mental disturbances existentially . This experience made me curious to explore more with Indian and eastern ideas on mental and life nature . i landed with reading commentaries on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother , which i feel are in similar veins to what i hear from Sadhguru`s explanation on mental well-being.

The book " Living Within - the yoga approach to psychological well-being and growth " selections from work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother compiled by A.S. Dalal gave  good insights on Aurobindo`s approach to handing mental disturbances and it was astonishing to understand that the ideas modern science trying to come to now has been explored and well organised  a thousand years ago by the ancients and are being in use and practiced by many.

Although Sri Aurobindo s work are of adaptations of yogic literature ,lot of his ideas are termed with  his original and modern touch of his times. The Aurobindo metaphysics talks about the Psychic being or Psyche which is our innermost individual Self. however the Psychic being is covered over by the outer nature of mind ,life (energy )and body . Aurobindo terms PSYCHICISATION as a  process for well being which is about shifting the consciousness from the disturbing outer aspects  ie the mind , the vital(emotions ) and the physical (body ) towards the  domination of inner Psychic. With this Psychicisation one will get rid of worries, anxieties or any mental disturbances as we are able to discard the musings of outer aspects of existence and actually touching a inner essence - a higher light.  this state is possible by practicing Sri Aurobindo method of yoga called the INTEGRAL YOGA. We speak a lot about finding ways for people with psychosis to distract oneself from their voices in the head, Integral Yoga i believe will be of good help here ,not only coping up but reaching full functionality.

We will explore more of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother`s practices and ideas  in the coming threads in-terms of its application towards mental well-being. Thanks for reading friends .

Saturday, July 30, 2022

An Existential exploration on Gandhian Thought


Mahatma Gandhi ji is known for his Sathyagraha - a truth(Ultimate reality) seeking principle for people through strictest means of self control and discipline. Gandhi ji followed Ahimsa or Non-Violence as a means for Sathyagraha along with many similar stricter vows of self control. Its is interesting to find that the Gandhian Principles are pretty much tinged with Existential Philosophy! let me bring an explanation here to support this idea . 

According to Gandhi the ultimate purpose of life of a Human is liberation (or Moksha) from physical , material and sensual influence (from Hinduism ). But Gandhi says this liberation is not absolutely possible as long as we have a physical body bounded on us.On the other hand but we can relatively temper our senses (and intellect ) through strict principles of self control to get closer to the absolute realization yet completely indulging in  the duties , activities of corporeal world. 

It is just like the existential philosophers who say we can be restricted because of the limitations of our  physical body(circumstances ) but yet we are absolutely capable of consciously be responsible for our being.Gandhi ji claims by submitting (Accepting )ourselves to these limitations we are not becoming passive but getting to a dynamic state which is powerful enough to help us solve the dualities of the   existence . Gandhi ji says by following non violence we can be in peace. it is in this peaceful state alone one can strike harmony between two conflicting dualities (amidst hostilities , anger ,hatred etc from others ). Gandhi ji wants us to just experience the will of circumstance (life ) around in peace through love and non violence . Non Judgmental. The moment one thinks about revenge , violence we are giving us our reason(intellect ) as a slave to our senses instead of being in control and balance. thus according to Gandhi ji non violence helps us achieve a dynamic state of being (Existential Realization ) where we are able to find harmony among conflicting dualities and strike the needed balance.

Just Experience Life with the power of non violence in thought , deed and action  !Non judgmental ! Gandhian existentialism indeed in my perspective ! it is not to be taken in a sense that non violence is something one retort to because of incapability of violence or action. According to Gandhi Non Violence in thought and deed is possible only through strict control of senses  (existential realisation) and openness .It is not possible to achieve this dynamic state of oneness through violence where we give in to our sensual impulses like a brute . 


Saturday, April 2, 2022

An Existential perspective of Sadhguru on Pain and Suffering

 hello friends 

                        I have been following Sadhguru a lot lately. i find a lot his ideas or teachings resemble Existentialism. Sadhguru emphasizes on consciousness, awareness, responsibility and involvement for a joyful living . Existentialism is all about responsibility and making meaning out of our absurd life in a conscious i find Sadhguru reflection on joyful living is so much in conjunction with Existentialism. i find Sadhguru`s discourse as a calming influence  and with his dose of existentialism in a rational sense a medicine for my cluttered ,conflicted -psychotic mind most times. 

Ive been reading the book "Karma" by Sadhguru , i found the discussion on pain and suffering would be an interesting one to share here . so an excerpt from the book (read next )

                    "...  pain is the body`s way of alerting that something is wrong , that action must be taken. Pain is usefull . Its a valuable wakeup call. Suffering on the other hand is psychological. It is produced by you. it is hundred percent self-manufactured. you dont have a choice about being in pain but you do have a choice about suffering . you can always choose not to suffer   ..... "

we are worried about only pain whatever that could remain from the past or that could happen now or that could come in the future - this worry is nothing but suffering(our own psychological suffering ).we should learn not to worry by letting go of this impulses of imagination or assumptions of pain and the damages it could inflict on us. it is like this that we are a part of everything grand or everything minuiscle in this cosmic bubble , if we worry of one self it certainly is a suffering, but to think as being a part of a grand scheme and the being responsible for the whole we are conscious and we are able to let ourselves out of this guilt of self inflicting pain ie suffering. lets experience life with full involvement as it arrives. lets see a another excerpt from the book that explains this better.. ( read next )

                     "... so it is not the physical situation that causes misery. It is the way you react to it. your Karma is not in what is happening to you . your Karma is in the way you respond to what is happening to you....."

this excerpt i find captivating , that it explains the life lived in full involvement is not about the wishes we generate but about the choices we take out of what is happening to us ie to suffer or to just experience it fully and carrying on. this i find as freedom and licence to joyfulll living instead of burdening ourselves with absurd expectations . Thanks to Sadhguru. Have a good day folks !

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Chennai South IONS Community Meeting on 02.01.2022 - " Remote Viewing - An Overview " by Mr.Dilip

The Chennai South IONS Community starts the new year with a session on Remote Viewing by Mr.Dilip . Do pop into the session to explore the remote viewer inside you .

In the session ,We will see what is remote viewing or more accurately Remote Viewing Perception.
We will begin with an overview of modern Remote Viewing , touching its brief history and development and some of its most interesting applications. we will also see the general steps involved in a Remote Viewing session and a suggested routine creation for daily practice .

Mr. Dilip is a remote viewing enthusiast and very passionate about its applications . It will be great to network with the like minded enthusiasts to collaborate. do pop into the session on Sunday (02.01.20220 - 4.00pm to 6.00pm). The session is free of cost to attend and feel free to invite your friends who are interested

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Identity - Desire


" In order to breakfree , in order to have a new expereince , a shamanic experience, a new vision , we have to become free of illusion that we are seperate from anything else - in particular that we are separate from what we desire. This has been , is and will be the secret of creativity: breaking free of seperation ."

                                                       - Fred Alan Wolf , Ph.D.

                                                          Mind into Matter ( A New Alchemy of Science and Spirit)

                    ie we have to feel the universal consciousness that we are part of this one whole cosmic engine. the moment we shed our identities and become one with the various experiences, our desire for this and that , to be this and that ceases . we accept things as they come. when this happens , there we have bliss , there is less mental musings , everything is ironed out and still. we have pure experience tinged in joy. this joy then spreads in every action and every transaction we make in our world .


Sunday, August 8, 2021

Chennai South IONS Community Group Meeting 15/08/2021 _ Pranic Healing Session with Bruben Abraham


Hello Folks ,

This time in our Chennai South IONS Community we will have Mr . Bruben Abraham presenting about Pranic Healing Session to feed our spiritual appetite on  August 15 th 2021 , 17.00 Hrs . (on Google Meet)

Mr. Bruben Abraham is a Pranic Healer from Kerala ,India . He has strong expertise and interests in esoteric , occult and pranic healing . He practices Arhatic Yoga and follows Master Choa Kuk Soi in his Pranic healing .He is the author of book - The Ride Back Home.   

Bruben will discuss introduction on Pranic healing . Pranic healing is a no touch-no drug energy based healing system developed by Master Choa Kok Sui. In Pranic healing, the different Chakras(energy centres) and energy body are treated which in turn heals physical issues. During the meet, He will also briefly explain about pranic healing, different chakras (energy centres) and the basic principles of pranic healing and how it affects the physical body. Bruben will also introduce the Meditation on twin Hearts technique _ a practical session .

The Meditation on Twin Hearts technique developed by Master Choa Kok Sui, the Philippines based founder of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, is a technique to achieve illumination or "Universal Consciousness". It is also a form of world service that helps to bring harmony by blessing the earth with loving-kindness, peace, joy and good will. It does not follow any specific religious belief or guru (teacher). Doing the meditation involves blessing the earth with peace, love, light and joy.

The Meditation on Twin Hearts brings a tremendous amount of spiritual energy, peace, love, prosperity and happiness in the practitioner's life. It is a noble tool that raises one's vibrations toward higher states of awareness and expanded levels of consciousness. Presently being practiced globally by tens of thousands of people of different religions and backgrounds, the Meditation on Twin Hearts is extraordinary in its simplicity with amazing and dramatic results.

This is a open collaborative non judgmental welcoming forum . Feel free to pop in with your Q&A or to just experience the session .Join in with us and explore the Pranic theories and meditation with relevance to your spiritual Awakening !

Find out more about our meting on the link below and register free of cost .

Pranic Healing With Bruben Abraham ------ Click & Register Here

Welcome to the session !!

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Chennai South IONS Community Group Meeting 04/july/2021

book your tickets to the super intriguing 1 hr session of discussion on psi phenomena and other noetic experiences from the link below . come join our open non judgemental discussion forum and explore with our friends  ! Entry is general admission at free of cost . do book your tickets to confirm your attendance for the event .

welcome to the community folks !

Click here to book your tickets  

Chennai South IONS Community Group First Meet

 The Chennai South IONS Community Group had our first meeting on Sunday 06.06.2021. We were very happy to be joined by friends from around the country . Conciousness and Mind is an intriguing topic for all of us here to explore together. We look to carry forward our explorations  to the successive Meeting to be conducted in the first Sundays of every month. Interested people who wish to participate in this collaborative welcoming learning experience can check for posts here in the ions label to book your tickets. the group does not have any subscription fees , any body interested in exploring and coming up with their Noetic Experience can join the Group.

people can call / whats app me @+91 7358532827 or email me @ if you want to know more about our group, i will be happy to discuss .

lets explore the Noetic Experiences !  

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Death Anxiety - Existential standpoint

Lets see death anxiety from a existential standpoint. 

If we go to a buddhist monk , he would say dont suffer , suffereing is your own choice !

We are constantly intending something in our life. We are expecting more out of this life time . Our expectation out of this life is never ending one , we achieve one thing and then go intend for another and then another and so on  continuously.

Lets think about the question  what if we dont achieve in our life time ? Does the cosmos be in a way change its path because of our not achieving ? Not to sound negatively , but the truth is many take undue pressure on themselves by intending multiple things to reach in this instant ! Is it possible to go multiple places at once ? This is causing so much of anxiety in everyone who dont know to intend . This gets pathological and becomes the root cause of our own suffering .

To think about it existentially , we have enormous freedom in this world , even if we dont achieve what we believe we should we are not going to punished ! Nobody said you are bound to achieve this in this life time otherwise your are doomed ? You are free to be as you are ! 

The idea is to let go of these tangled intentions and be content and move steadfast with clarity with a mind to accept our inachievement out limitedness and stop putting undue expectations on ourselves . If we have this attitude we can tackle our death fear and expectations . The anxiety of not achieving in this life time is naturally eased off . We are free !

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Self talk - Existential Attitude


We talk to ourselves in our heads . This is commonly known that people spend more time in this self talk than the time they talk with others or do any transaction in the world  . The power of  selftalk is immense ! The way we use it determines whether we live simply at  peace with ourselves, joyfully every moment or not .

 Some people expect so much out of themselves and reprimand self, be critical of themselves every moment in their their self talk. This makes the unconsciuos dish out too many ideas , ways to do and satisfy every  you . But you fight even more and even more and ask even more . This is painfull and tiresome .When this activates your psychological immune system it becomes psychotic. The unconscious is trying to take care of your expectations  to calm you down of your disappointment over yourself . Your unleashed unconsciuos in emergency mode working for the ever denying you always needlessly. There is always a  conflict inside  . This is actually an  ecstatic calamity striving inside you always.

With inner conflict happening its becomes difficult to achieve peace with oneself .The unconsciuos controls all subtle physical and emotional functions like blood flow , digestion , cognition , intuition and so on but you are not letting the unconsciuos do its activities when you are using its unlimited resources to calm your psychological inflamations which you somehow make it never ending process needlessly. So try to be kind and tolerant with your self talk and be flexible and allow your unconscious to function for you with freedom.

To achieve this what helped me was Developing an existential attitude in my self talk. Existential attitude is an attitude in which you know how small you wish is eventhough how big is your wish may be . I simply had the practice of to let go !. Be at peace and just do . What can go wrong when we ourselves are inside a absurd cosmic chaos !.Do away with unecessary expectations over yourself. No matter whatever you achieve you are still a cosmic dust in this chaos we are. Accept your situation yet your can strive for the better and then accept and tolerate again. Allow yourself to rest in peace.

Being more forgiving of yourself  means a lot for your innerpeace.  Keep your wishes clutterfree with this attitude so the unconscious transacts and executes the wishes easily with you under you . This way you are able to be more conscious and aware .you are mindfull and content. You are able to harness the power of consciuosness and be in ecstatic joy by submitting to the consciousness yet be more aware and conscious. There is freedom .Its  this attitude that you have with yourself gets reflected with your transcations with others even .Enjoy .

Friday, May 28, 2021

Invest in Consciousness 

Sadhguru said in this forum , that the human muscle power had been taken over by machines similarly the human intellect ( silo of memories ) will be taken over by machines.  But there will be still a difference where human will have now more time to invest on the consciuosness which is about being beyond memory .

When sadhguru said this,  isn't it not under the influnce of his intellectual faculty and his physical faculty himself ? I believe the quest now is be less dependant and make awake the power of consciousness . Even if you are idle mindfull your intellectual and body faculties are actively functioning like your emotions, bodily activities like breathing,digestion blood pumping ie other aspects of suttle body functions and so on

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Chennai South IONS Community Group Meeting

book your tickets to the super intriguing 1 hr session of discussion on psi phenomena and other noetic experiences from the link below . come join our open non judgemental discussion forum and explore ! Entry is general admission at free of cost . do book your tickets to confirm your attendance for the event .

welcome to the community folks !