Saturday, April 2, 2022

An Existential perspective of Sadhguru on Pain and Suffering

 hello friends 

                        I have been following Sadhguru a lot lately. i find a lot his ideas or teachings resemble Existentialism. Sadhguru emphasizes on consciousness, awareness, responsibility and involvement for a joyful living . Existentialism is all about responsibility and making meaning out of our absurd life in a conscious i find Sadhguru reflection on joyful living is so much in conjunction with Existentialism. i find Sadhguru`s discourse as a calming influence  and with his dose of existentialism in a rational sense a medicine for my cluttered ,conflicted -psychotic mind most times. 

Ive been reading the book "Karma" by Sadhguru , i found the discussion on pain and suffering would be an interesting one to share here . so an excerpt from the book (read next )

                    "...  pain is the body`s way of alerting that something is wrong , that action must be taken. Pain is usefull . Its a valuable wakeup call. Suffering on the other hand is psychological. It is produced by you. it is hundred percent self-manufactured. you dont have a choice about being in pain but you do have a choice about suffering . you can always choose not to suffer   ..... "

we are worried about only pain whatever that could remain from the past or that could happen now or that could come in the future - this worry is nothing but suffering(our own psychological suffering ).we should learn not to worry by letting go of this impulses of imagination or assumptions of pain and the damages it could inflict on us. it is like this that we are a part of everything grand or everything minuiscle in this cosmic bubble , if we worry of one self it certainly is a suffering, but to think as being a part of a grand scheme and the being responsible for the whole we are conscious and we are able to let ourselves out of this guilt of self inflicting pain ie suffering. lets experience life with full involvement as it arrives. lets see a another excerpt from the book that explains this better.. ( read next )

                     "... so it is not the physical situation that causes misery. It is the way you react to it. your Karma is not in what is happening to you . your Karma is in the way you respond to what is happening to you....."

this excerpt i find captivating , that it explains the life lived in full involvement is not about the wishes we generate but about the choices we take out of what is happening to us ie to suffer or to just experience it fully and carrying on. this i find as freedom and licence to joyfulll living instead of burdening ourselves with absurd expectations . Thanks to Sadhguru. Have a good day folks !