Thursday, July 27, 2023

OSHO - "Experience the Listener"


Hello Friends ,

The above video is a famous OSHO video which i think has verbalized a powerful message. I had  attempted to experience "Silence " also attempted to "Listen more" rather than "Speak more". when listening there is always a urge to involve the intellect , apply logic and curate meaning out of the arising sensual and cognitive transactions. This intellectual listening did not allow the experience i was really needing ie the experience of true silence and calmness.

when OSHO in the video stated " it does not matter what i say " - i felt i got able to verbalize this experience of blissful listening. Read below-

It does not matter what the other is saying , what transactions our senses get , when we are with our listener self , when we experience our listener, The joy of experiencing this listener within us is bigger. It  leads to the calmness and unity we seek . The intellectual movie may run around , may lead, intuit even deeper expressions , but the urge to express the needless is greatly reduced for me . iam able to maintain in silence .This phenomena of experiencing the (listening self ) listener within you is a great way to enhance perception and reduce needless expression ,in other words : listen more than speak more. watch the video and do try it !feel your listener. Be with your listener.