Saturday, July 30, 2022

An Existential exploration on Gandhian Thought


Mahatma Gandhi ji is known for his Sathyagraha - a truth(Ultimate reality) seeking principle for people through strictest means of self control and discipline. Gandhi ji followed Ahimsa or Non-Violence as a means for Sathyagraha along with many similar stricter vows of self control. Its is interesting to find that the Gandhian Principles are pretty much tinged with Existential Philosophy! let me bring an explanation here to support this idea . 

According to Gandhi the ultimate purpose of life of a Human is liberation (or Moksha) from physical , material and sensual influence (from Hinduism ). But Gandhi says this liberation is not absolutely possible as long as we have a physical body bounded on us.On the other hand but we can relatively temper our senses (and intellect ) through strict principles of self control to get closer to the absolute realization yet completely indulging in  the duties , activities of corporeal world. 

It is just like the existential philosophers who say we can be restricted because of the limitations of our  physical body(circumstances ) but yet we are absolutely capable of consciously be responsible for our being.Gandhi ji claims by submitting (Accepting )ourselves to these limitations we are not becoming passive but getting to a dynamic state which is powerful enough to help us solve the dualities of the   existence . Gandhi ji says by following non violence we can be in peace. it is in this peaceful state alone one can strike harmony between two conflicting dualities (amidst hostilities , anger ,hatred etc from others ). Gandhi ji wants us to just experience the will of circumstance (life ) around in peace through love and non violence . Non Judgmental. The moment one thinks about revenge , violence we are giving us our reason(intellect ) as a slave to our senses instead of being in control and balance. thus according to Gandhi ji non violence helps us achieve a dynamic state of being (Existential Realization ) where we are able to find harmony among conflicting dualities and strike the needed balance.

Just Experience Life with the power of non violence in thought , deed and action  !Non judgmental ! Gandhian existentialism indeed in my perspective ! it is not to be taken in a sense that non violence is something one retort to because of incapability of violence or action. According to Gandhi Non Violence in thought and deed is possible only through strict control of senses  (existential realisation) and openness .It is not possible to achieve this dynamic state of oneness through violence where we give in to our sensual impulses like a brute .