Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Chennai South IONS Community Meeting on 02.01.2022 - " Remote Viewing - An Overview " by Mr.Dilip

The Chennai South IONS Community starts the new year with a session on Remote Viewing by Mr.Dilip . Do pop into the session to explore the remote viewer inside you .

In the session ,We will see what is remote viewing or more accurately Remote Viewing Perception.
We will begin with an overview of modern Remote Viewing , touching its brief history and development and some of its most interesting applications. we will also see the general steps involved in a Remote Viewing session and a suggested routine creation for daily practice .

Mr. Dilip is a remote viewing enthusiast and very passionate about its applications . It will be great to network with the like minded enthusiasts to collaborate. do pop into the session on Sunday (02.01.20220 - 4.00pm to 6.00pm). The session is free of cost to attend and feel free to invite your friends who are interested