Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Chennai South IONS Community Group Meeting 04/july/2021

book your tickets to the super intriguing 1 hr session of discussion on psi phenomena and other noetic experiences from the link below . come join our open non judgemental discussion forum and explore with our friends  ! Entry is general admission at free of cost . do book your tickets to confirm your attendance for the event .

welcome to the community folks !

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Chennai South IONS Community Group First Meet

 The Chennai South IONS Community Group had our first meeting on Sunday 06.06.2021. We were very happy to be joined by friends from around the country . Conciousness and Mind is an intriguing topic for all of us here to explore together. We look to carry forward our explorations  to the successive Meeting to be conducted in the first Sundays of every month. Interested people who wish to participate in this collaborative welcoming learning experience can check for posts here in the ions label to book your tickets. the group does not have any subscription fees , any body interested in exploring and coming up with their Noetic Experience can join the Group.

people can call / whats app me @+91 7358532827 or email me @ if you want to know more about our group, i will be happy to discuss .

lets explore the Noetic Experiences !  

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Death Anxiety - Existential standpoint

Lets see death anxiety from a existential standpoint. 

If we go to a buddhist monk , he would say dont suffer , suffereing is your own choice !

We are constantly intending something in our life. We are expecting more out of this life time . Our expectation out of this life is never ending one , we achieve one thing and then go intend for another and then another and so on  continuously.

Lets think about the question  what if we dont achieve in our life time ? Does the cosmos be in a way change its path because of our not achieving ? Not to sound negatively , but the truth is many take undue pressure on themselves by intending multiple things to reach in this instant ! Is it possible to go multiple places at once ? This is causing so much of anxiety in everyone who dont know to intend . This gets pathological and becomes the root cause of our own suffering .

To think about it existentially , we have enormous freedom in this world , even if we dont achieve what we believe we should we are not going to punished ! Nobody said you are bound to achieve this in this life time otherwise your are doomed ? You are free to be as you are ! 

The idea is to let go of these tangled intentions and be content and move steadfast with clarity with a mind to accept our inachievement out limitedness and stop putting undue expectations on ourselves . If we have this attitude we can tackle our death fear and expectations . The anxiety of not achieving in this life time is naturally eased off . We are free !