Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Sri Aurobindo`s " PSYCHICISATION "


                When it comes to understanding psychological disturbances , our modern psychology tries explaining thoughts , emotions , feelings and even chemistry to reverse these disturbances. If we explore, what is that the ancient eastern wisdom has to give at all to explain the psychological framework, i feel the modern science can take into its consideration a whole new dimension of mental variables explained systematically in the eastern ancient works , in to its mainstream research in understanding a functioning life. 

I have been following Sadhguru who succeeds bringing the ancient yogic wisdom to everyone`s experience Pragmatically , Rationally or whatnot with a modern touch. The idea of mind , body and energy being in harmony and having the balance to live fully aware and fully consciously and take life with complete joy seems to answer a lot of my questions and theories with regards to mental disturbances existentially . This experience made me curious to explore more with Indian and eastern ideas on mental and life nature . i landed with reading commentaries on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother , which i feel are in similar veins to what i hear from Sadhguru`s explanation on mental well-being.

The book " Living Within - the yoga approach to psychological well-being and growth " selections from work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother compiled by A.S. Dalal gave  good insights on Aurobindo`s approach to handing mental disturbances and it was astonishing to understand that the ideas modern science trying to come to now has been explored and well organised  a thousand years ago by the ancients and are being in use and practiced by many.

Although Sri Aurobindo s work are of adaptations of yogic literature ,lot of his ideas are termed with  his original and modern touch of his times. The Aurobindo metaphysics talks about the Psychic being or Psyche which is our innermost individual Self. however the Psychic being is covered over by the outer nature of mind ,life (energy )and body . Aurobindo terms PSYCHICISATION as a  process for well being which is about shifting the consciousness from the disturbing outer aspects  ie the mind , the vital(emotions ) and the physical (body ) towards the  domination of inner Psychic. With this Psychicisation one will get rid of worries, anxieties or any mental disturbances as we are able to discard the musings of outer aspects of existence and actually touching a inner essence - a higher light.  this state is possible by practicing Sri Aurobindo method of yoga called the INTEGRAL YOGA. We speak a lot about finding ways for people with psychosis to distract oneself from their voices in the head, Integral Yoga i believe will be of good help here ,not only coping up but reaching full functionality.

We will explore more of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother`s practices and ideas  in the coming threads in-terms of its application towards mental well-being. Thanks for reading friends .

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