Chennai South IONS Community Group

    This is a virtual group for people interested in PSI phenomena . If you are interested to understand conciousness beyond thinking its origin as a brain alone  then here we are as a discussion group to explore all the experience of consciousness without judgement . if you ever had any unusual ecstatic experiences then here is a open discussion space to explore with me . As Mark Gober says our conciousness is a stream and we all are just individual whirlpools in it flowing with the bodies as a separation.

join in for the virtual meet to listen and /or share your Noetic experiences with me .

The group meetings will happen on the first Sunday of every month  , send me a message to join the meeting at or whatsapp at +91 7358532827 i will send you the zoom link or you can check for updates on IONS meeting here in the posts to book your tickets yourself 

lets explore together the noetic expereinces !

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