Saturday, June 5, 2021

Death Anxiety - Existential standpoint

Lets see death anxiety from a existential standpoint. 

If we go to a buddhist monk , he would say dont suffer , suffereing is your own choice !

We are constantly intending something in our life. We are expecting more out of this life time . Our expectation out of this life is never ending one , we achieve one thing and then go intend for another and then another and so on  continuously.

Lets think about the question  what if we dont achieve in our life time ? Does the cosmos be in a way change its path because of our not achieving ? Not to sound negatively , but the truth is many take undue pressure on themselves by intending multiple things to reach in this instant ! Is it possible to go multiple places at once ? This is causing so much of anxiety in everyone who dont know to intend . This gets pathological and becomes the root cause of our own suffering .

To think about it existentially , we have enormous freedom in this world , even if we dont achieve what we believe we should we are not going to punished ! Nobody said you are bound to achieve this in this life time otherwise your are doomed ? You are free to be as you are ! 

The idea is to let go of these tangled intentions and be content and move steadfast with clarity with a mind to accept our inachievement out limitedness and stop putting undue expectations on ourselves . If we have this attitude we can tackle our death fear and expectations . The anxiety of not achieving in this life time is naturally eased off . We are free !

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