Sunday, September 12, 2021

Identity - Desire


" In order to breakfree , in order to have a new expereince , a shamanic experience, a new vision , we have to become free of illusion that we are seperate from anything else - in particular that we are separate from what we desire. This has been , is and will be the secret of creativity: breaking free of seperation ."

                                                       - Fred Alan Wolf , Ph.D.

                                                          Mind into Matter ( A New Alchemy of Science and Spirit)

                    ie we have to feel the universal consciousness that we are part of this one whole cosmic engine. the moment we shed our identities and become one with the various experiences, our desire for this and that , to be this and that ceases . we accept things as they come. when this happens , there we have bliss , there is less mental musings , everything is ironed out and still. we have pure experience tinged in joy. this joy then spreads in every action and every transaction we make in our world .


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