Sunday, May 30, 2021

Self talk - Existential Attitude


We talk to ourselves in our heads . This is commonly known that people spend more time in this self talk than the time they talk with others or do any transaction in the world  . The power of  selftalk is immense ! The way we use it determines whether we live simply at  peace with ourselves, joyfully every moment or not .

 Some people expect so much out of themselves and reprimand self, be critical of themselves every moment in their their self talk. This makes the unconsciuos dish out too many ideas , ways to do and satisfy every  you . But you fight even more and even more and ask even more . This is painfull and tiresome .When this activates your psychological immune system it becomes psychotic. The unconscious is trying to take care of your expectations  to calm you down of your disappointment over yourself . Your unleashed unconsciuos in emergency mode working for the ever denying you always needlessly. There is always a  conflict inside  . This is actually an  ecstatic calamity striving inside you always.

With inner conflict happening its becomes difficult to achieve peace with oneself .The unconsciuos controls all subtle physical and emotional functions like blood flow , digestion , cognition , intuition and so on but you are not letting the unconsciuos do its activities when you are using its unlimited resources to calm your psychological inflamations which you somehow make it never ending process needlessly. So try to be kind and tolerant with your self talk and be flexible and allow your unconscious to function for you with freedom.

To achieve this what helped me was Developing an existential attitude in my self talk. Existential attitude is an attitude in which you know how small you wish is eventhough how big is your wish may be . I simply had the practice of to let go !. Be at peace and just do . What can go wrong when we ourselves are inside a absurd cosmic chaos !.Do away with unecessary expectations over yourself. No matter whatever you achieve you are still a cosmic dust in this chaos we are. Accept your situation yet your can strive for the better and then accept and tolerate again. Allow yourself to rest in peace.

Being more forgiving of yourself  means a lot for your innerpeace.  Keep your wishes clutterfree with this attitude so the unconscious transacts and executes the wishes easily with you under you . This way you are able to be more conscious and aware .you are mindfull and content. You are able to harness the power of consciuosness and be in ecstatic joy by submitting to the consciousness yet be more aware and conscious. There is freedom .Its  this attitude that you have with yourself gets reflected with your transcations with others even .Enjoy .

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